Why You Should Ditch Rome for Southern Italy

Italy is one of the most visited European countries, and many of the big cities in Northern Italy, such as Rome and Florence, overcharge tourists for everything. The key to traveling in Italy is to head south and experience what Italian life is really like. 

The perfect home base

The great thing about traveling in Italy is how connected all the towns are. Whether you prefer to fly, take the scenic route and go by train, or rent a car and drive there are beautiful and historic small towns all throughout Southern Italy (aka Puglia). Lecce, Italy sits near the Adriatic Sea in the heel of Italy, a nearly four hour train west to Naples and five hours north to Rome. This area of Italy is only a short ferry ride from Greece or Croatia, making it a great home base to travel across Europe.

Authentic Italian cuisine for half the price 

Food. It’s the main reason why you chose to travel to Italy, right? Pizza, pasta, gelato… mamma mia! If you choose to stick with the big cities you risk falling into tourist traps when going out to eat. I’ve dined at some of the most delicious Trattoria’s and local restaurants in Puglia while only having to spend 5 or 6 Euro on pizza and pasta dishes. To experience authentic Italian dishes head to towns like Gallipoli and Bari where most tourists tend to be Italians and where nonnas line the streets hand crafting pastas and other delicacies.

Beaches that rival the Caribbean  

Polignano a Mare is renowned for its iconic rocky beach that is shaped like a rectangle. If you are a fan of waves, then this is the beach for you. Situated on a part of the Adriatic Sea that experiences rough waves and is deeper than the other beaches in southern Italy, Polignano a Mare is truly a dream.

Gallipoli is a beach town that offers a typical southern Italian beach. The water is crystal clear for miles and a perfect sort of warm that’s refreshing when the town reaches 90 degrees in the summer.

Otranto is another one of my favorite beach towns. The white sandy beaches and the wide range of water activities make it the perfect place to start your southern Italian beach vacation. 

See it for yourself!

Authenticity is something that southern Italy does best. Whether it’s food, beaches or the people, a vacation to southern Italy means a dive into true Italian culture. Book your flight and prepare to be blown away!

Gallipoli, Italy on a summer day
Polignano a Mare before “social distancing” was ever a phrase
Otranto, Italy

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